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Production Facility
Commercial scale production is carried out at four company-owned factories which handle product volumes ranging from a few hundred kilograms to several hundred tons.Our factories have so many kinds of equipment to meet the product requirement, such as :solid /liquid fermentor:multiplefunction dynamic extracting reactor:stirred tank reactor... all the equipments are under GMP control.
Our Laboratory
Process development and product innovation form the focus of the ongoing R&D efforts in the company’s research facilities. And VAPOREVER science has more than twenty scientists working full time to support these efforts. Product quality is the soul of an enterprise,VAPOREVER has been continuously believing in the principle,with the most advanced examining instruments,we strictly manage each precess according to GMP system,from raw material plant,storage, producing ,packing ,sale an…
Development on New Product
“Science &Technology Innovation Changes Your Life”, under this mission with the world –famous research institutes and organizations as the underprop. a strong team in new products developing has formed by a large numbers of scientists. At any time ,we can get the latest information on natural plant extract ,we cooperate with the world famous health ;food and nutrition research centers and exchange our technique with some excellent pharmaceutical and nutritional companies in the wo…
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